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    The roots of Morgan Real Estate & Associates began in 1947 when Tillman and Jo Morgan built and opened Morgan Court on U.S. Highway 62 North. Situated on a mountainside, the motel was billed as one of the finest inns in the Ozarks. They built such a clientele of regulars that it was not unusual to see Tillman or Jo turn on the No Vacancy sign.

    As tourism flourished in the 1950s and Eureka Springs experienced some population growth, the Morgans diversified into the insurance business. At that time, they operated out of their home which was part of the motel complex.

    In 1961, the Morgans had a vision to diversify again, this time into the real estate business. By 1962, they moved their insurance and real estate business to their present location across the highway from the motel.

    The motel was sold in 1964. The couple worked hard and diligently to bring northwest Arkansas unsurpassed service in the real estate and insurance business. Business flourished for the next three decades.

    In the late 1980s, state insurance deregulation influenced many insurance companies to pull out of Arkansas, thus placing a burden on the Morgan business to continue the quality service they so desired. They made a decision to pull out of the insurance business in 1994, thus renaming the business as Morgan Real Estate & Associates to continue its tradition as one of the leading independent real estate firms in Eureka Springs.


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