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    Since the 1870’s, enterprising men and women have found economic opportunity providing services to the many visitors seeking health and rejuvenation in the town that water built. With only a population of 2,300 people in a county of 25,000 people, Eureka Springs is visited by over 750,000 people yearly. Visitors to Eureka will experience four distinct seasons, with mild winters and summers, and resort-comfortable springs and falls. Residents enjoy a moderate cost of living, low crime, cosmopolitan culture, and outdoor recreation opportunities galore.

    Today, hundreds of businesses provide lodging; dining; shopping; attractions; locally created works of art and fine crafts; services that soothe the mind, body and spirit; along with a vibrant banking, real estate, and trades community. Once the home of Ozarks Water, and playground to twentieth century gangsters and outlaws, Eureka Springs is now home to over 200 performance and visual artists represented in the more than 25 galleries and venues.

    Located near one of the fastest growing corners of Arkansas and the corporate headquarters of giants Walmart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt, you will find the Greater Eureka Springs area a “natural” for business and a superior place to live and raise a family or retire.

    From its inception, tourism and tourism support has been the engine that drives the economy of Eureka Springs. While this is true today, thanks to innovations in information technology and the growth of the I-540 cities, the Eureka Springs and Carroll County area is fertile ground for growth in industries apart from tourism. A vibrant creative economy, evident in the expansive art community, is just one example of an industry that can thrive here. Another example is our local vineyard and winery and our organic farms that are beginning to receive national recognition. In addition to dedication to tourism growth in the area, the membership of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, along with the city administration, is interested in actively recruiting businesses.

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