• Networking

  • The Chamber of Commerce offers valuable opportunities and a variety of services for business organizations to "Be Seen and Be Heard". From annual meetings to rack cards in the visitor center to monthly networking events, the Chamber offers a variety of events and opportunities that utilize member facilities and provide a place for business professionals to network and connect with new contacts in the region. Chamber events and programs provide the opportunity to gain new business and meet business leaders.

    Recognizing that networking is one of the main reasons businesses join chambers, the Eureka Springs Chamber continues to expand its programming and service offerings. As a part of a new networking initiative, the Chamber regularly provides networking opportunities.  With events such as the Annual Dinner, monthly Wake Up Eureka Networking Coffee, monthly It's Just Business educational seminar, Annual Golf Outing & more, members are able to choose the events that best fit their schedule and even target the right people.

    Getting to know the right people can be just what your business needs


    Social Media 

    We have a tremendous following on Facebook and an ever-climbing, well above average engagement rate. On our Facebook page, not only can you see present and future event postings, you can also find Hot Deals, Member Highlights, Great Conversation and Help to any questions you may have. Our subscribers are all organic, meaning we do not pay for their engagement. No, our subscribers are engaged simply because they are interested in what they see on our page.  


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