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    The Spring on Main, located in the heart of the entertainment district of Eureka Springs, is a casual dining restaurant featuring craft cocktails, elevated American fare, unique charcuterie options, and a beer patio.

    Discover an exceptional dining experience at The Spring on Main, a premier casual dining restaurant nestled in the center of the vibrant entertainment district of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Indulge in our enticing food and drink menus, thoughtfully curated to delight both food enthusiasts and craft beer and cocktail aficionados alike.

    Savor the artistry of elevated American fare, skillfully prepared to tantalize your taste buds. Delight in our innovative craft cocktails, each a masterpiece of flavor and presentation. Elevate your culinary journey with our exclusive selection of charcuterie options, showcasing a fusion of flavors that’s as unique as it is delightful.

    Join us for an unforgettable brunch every Saturday and Sunday, where we elevate classic morning dishes to new heights. Located at 55 South Main St., 72632, in the heart of Eureka Springs’ entertainment hub, ensuring you’re never far from the heart of the city.

    At The Spring on Main, we’re not just a restaurant; we’re a celebration of flavor, a haven for culinary enthusiasts, and the embodiment of Eureka Springs’ gastronomic scene. Come and indulge in a symphony of tastes and sensations that will linger in your memory long after your visit.


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