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    About Us

    INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT & LIFE PATH COACHING - Personalized 90-minute coaching sessions may include intuition development guidelines, life path coaching, exercises, practice time, homework, protection practices, mind/body/spirit alignment & more.

    PERSONAL ENERGY CLEARING, CORD CUTTING & ATTACHMENT REMOVAL - Energetic cord cutting & attachment/entity removal from your energy field followed by energy clearing & rebalancing. Protection practice guidance included.

    HOME, BUSINESS & LAND BLESSINGS & CLEARINGS - Energy clearings and blessings! Clearing of negative energies from your home, business or property followed by calling in positive energies of abundance, prosperity, good health & happiness.

    ENERGY HEALING, CHAKRA BALANCING, GUIDED MEDITATION - Integrating energies of the divine healing light with Shamballa Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and/or channeled consciousness. Includes Chakra balancing, clearing & reconnecting, sound healing, guided meditation, essential oils, crystal-enhanced healing & messages, as guided.

    SACRED EUREKA INTUITION MINI TUNE-UP or TORQUE Up - Clearing & opening your crown chakra & third eye while calling in your divine gifts. Includes daily practices & a crystal gift.

    ORACLE MINI-READINGS - Choose 1 (15 minutes) or 3  (phone/email) areas of your life where you would like intuitive guidance & receive a thorough card reading  including Oracle card images, channeled messages & supporting crystal recommendations. (Delivered via email, over the phone & in person.)