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    About Us

    Working together with our customers and communities to create the future of energy.

    We're committed to putting you first, enriching your life, and delivering unmatched service as we work to provide you with safe, reliable power. Our commitment is proactive, ongoing, and ever-evolving.

    Every year, we invest millions of dollars to maintain, improve, and expand our system to ensure you have reliable electric service, and there's reliable service for future customers. That means replacing and building new lines and substations, and maintaining an aggressive tree trimming program. These investments also help the communities we serve as they plan for growth and economic development.

    We believe we've set the foundation to exceed your expectations, and as your trusted community partner, our aim is to anticipate your needs and deliver solutions. We'll do that by bringing you more choices and using new technology, such as smart meters and smart grids, to improve how we deliver electricity to your home and communicate with you.

    The grid of the future will need to support demand for power and anticipated growth. It'll provide two-way communication between your house and our control systems so we always know when you're having issues with your power and we'll be able to help you better manage your energy usage and costs.

    We're committed to delivering unmatched service. What does that mean for you? It means fewer outages and less outage time. It means that you will have more control over how and when you use electricity, which will allow you to save money.


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