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    Quigley’s Castle is the dream home of Elise Quigley (1910-1984). Her great-grandchildren invite guests to wander through her perennial garden of over 400 varieties of flowers. The garden paths wind around stone work, a lily pond, and bird baths up to her to her home she designed for tropical plants to grow indoors and beautifully covered with stones collected since childhood.

    The Garden paths wind around secluded benches, a lily pond and bird baths up to her home which she beautifully covered with stones she`d collected since childhood.

    See how she found a way to sleep in tree tops full of bloom. Tropical plants grow in the natural soil of the first floor and brush the ceiling of the second floor. She has a butterfly, fossil, crystal, arrowhead and glassware collection beyond imagination.

    Quigley`s Castle is located 4 miles south of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. One can visit March through November.


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