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    LaGrange's Eclectic Boutique

    About Us

    LaGrange's Eclectic Boutique is owned by Paige Butler and Julie Fortner, a mother-daughter duo. After visiting Eureka Springs many times, they decided that's where they wanted to be, so they sold their homes in St. Louis, moved down within a week of each other, then opened the boutique two weeks later.
    The girls named the boutique after their accessorial grandmother, who came from France, and settled in the French Quarter. She was the first woman to open a business there. So, they proclaim her to be their inspiration.
    LaGrange's is a mixture of a New Orleans vibe and a macabre feel. The store has a wide range of merchandise, including: jewelry, clothing, candles, perfumes, purses, makeup, art, and handmade items.


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