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    Escape Room 13



    About Us

    Escape Room 13 is an Immersive Live Action Story With Secret Messages, Hidden Passages, and All Fun That Puts You In The Story.

    Our first room is based around the Eureka Springs Bank Robbery. You are a time travelling detective sent back to 1922 to prove someone's innocence.

    Our second room is the John Smith speakeasy. Back in the 1920’s, Eureka Springs was known for hiding out mobsters, and its speakeasies. Go back to 1925, during prohibition and help ‘John Smith’ recover the valuables from a Speakeasy after its proprietor, Clyde disappears. Hurry though, as there are people that don’t want to see you succeed. This event is 100% created in-house, based around local history and lore with unique puzzles and fun.


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