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    Cosmic Cavern in Berryville, Arkansas is one of the states’ most beautiful natural attractions! When you are in Northwest Arkansas or the Berryville area and are looking for “things to do” or “attractions” Cosmic Cavern is a “must see” destination.

    We are easy to find, right between Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. Cosmic Cavern is Arkansas’s largest privately owned show cave. Cosmic Cavern was discovered in 1845, but wasn’t developed until 1927. Cosmic Cavern’s cave tour is approximately a 1hr and 15 minute walking tour in the warmest cave in the Ozarks, at a steady 64 degrees and 96% humidity. The cave is a warm 64 degrees in the winter and a cool 64 degrees in the summer. It is the perfect temperature no matter what season of the year you choose to vist!

    The cave features a 9 foot soda straw, the longest known in the Ozarks, and 2 bottomless cave lakes. The first lake, South Lake, has had trout in it for nearly 50 years. Some of the trout have gone blind and most have lost their color. One of the lakes was discovered in 1993 in the “Silent Splendor” section which made national news. This was Arkansas’ most delicate discovery. The bottom or end of these lakes has yet to be found. The newly discovered area, “Silent Splendor” is hailed as a must see attraction in Arkansas. It is so pristine and untouched that many of the beautiful formations are transparent.


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