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    Basic Alarm System Deal
    Do it yourself...or not.
    Thinking of getting a security system for your home or business? Great, we can do that. 

    Thinking of getting one of those do it yourself security systems that you see on TV and online? Great, we can do that too!

    Right now Natural State Security is offering a do it yourself security system for $149.99* and $29.95* a month.

    If you don't feel comfortable installing it yourself that's not a problem we will do it for you for the same price. These systems, unlike other mail-away or store bought, will be serviced by actual people-in person if issues cannot be resolved over the phone.

    The basic system includes: Keypad, three door contacts, and one motion sensor. This system communicates through a cellular radio so no landline is required and has a mobile app for controlling your system remotely from anywhere.

    Please give me a call to place your order or if you just have questions.




    * tax will be charged at time of sale.
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